On the Cusp of a New (2024) Season

So, what has changed with me in the past year?

I no longer long for the fall in the Midwest, for one; California is my home. I’ve read 3 books on grammar and can finally place a comma, so that’s an improvement! I’ve read a lot more fiction this past year, my favorite escape from nihilism and the stress and feelings of . . . simply living. I went backpacking for the first time. I’m still an enneagram one, but adapting. I’m capable of running long distances very slowly and am training for a second (slow) marathon. I switched from drinking espresso in the morning to a pot of half-caffeinated french press.

My 3 boys (Alyosha 9, Sam 7, Ezra 5) are growing ever older, ever stronger, and ever more determined: eyes wide, front teeth pushing through, mouths sharp. My moonbeam, starlight, and morning ray of sunshine.

This year will be season #6 on the farm. Six! We both lost a garden and are installing a new garden. I unearthed that public conversations (i.e. podcast appearances) are not in my comfort zone or wheelhouse; that’s a burgeoning growth edge to be sure. In the realm of farmer-florist, I am more of a farmer than a florist, and will be leaning into this identity/focus more deeply in the coming year.