Musings on a New Year

It’s an electrifying time of year on the farm. There’s no holding the flowers back for much longer. 2024. HERE WE GO.

2024 will be my sixth growing season, and if the past years of farming have taught me anything, it’s this: I have absolutely no idea what this new growing season will hold. For example, I never would have dreamt that in March of 2020 all our flower shops would close and weddings would be cancelled. Or that last year we’d be visited by the LA Times! Or that in 2021 I’d be awfully sick with vertigo, and also quit my “day job,” ending a 13-year career as an emergency room nurse.

Anything can happen in 2024.

What I do know is this new season will stretch me personally and professionally. At the end of 2024 I expect to be a better grower, writer, photographer, and runner. I also hope to be a present mother, person who values rest, thoughtful partner, attentive neighbor, and good friend.

Thank you for your support of urban agriculture in 2023, and now into 2024. The next time I write, there will be flowers.