Curated Cutting Gardens

June Curated Cutting Garden – $120

The June Curated Cutting Garden includes 50 plants for your cut-flower garden, chosen by Rachel because they are “in season” and ideal cultivars for bouquets and floral arrangements.

These are all easy-to-grow, cut-and-come-again flowers we have grown before and rate highly, producing multiple stems for cutting over weeks to months in your garden. The June Curated Cutting Garden will bloom mid to late summer, into the fall.

Plants will come in a 50-cell tray (reuse it later to start seeds!). When planting your cutting garden, use a butter knife from the kitchen to gently lift the plants from their cells. We recommend that you put your plants in the ground, or pot them up into larger containers, within 1 week.

All of these flowers can be planted 6-12 inches apart in your garden, depending on how much space you have available. (They will require anywhere from 10-50 sq. ft. of growing space.)

CCG pickup will be Sunday, June 2nd from 3-6 pm in South City Heights, San Diego. Address will be emailed one week prior.

This summer, we are offering two different trays! Each tray includes focal flowers, secondary flowers, filler, and a little bit of sparkle to add interest to your bouquets and arrangements. 

CCG Option 1 (Cheerful pinks and creamy yellows)

In this tray you will receive 2-10 plants each of:

Phlox drummondii Dulce de lèche, Zinnia Cresto Peachy Pink, Zinnia Queen Lemon Peach, Gomphrena globosa QIS Pink, Amaranthus caudatus Coral Fountain, Cosmos bipinnatus Apricotta, Zinnia Oklahoma Salmon, Celosia Sylphid, Frosted Explosion Grass, Dill Dukat

CCG Option 2 (Moody and saturated) 

In this tray you will receive 2-10 plants each of:

Basil Cinnamon, Talinum paniculatum Jewels of Opar, Amaranthus Velvet Curtains, Zinnia Queen Lime Red, Gomphrena haangeana Strawberry Fields, Cosmos bipinnatus Versailles White, Zinnia Benary’s Giant BluePoint Wine, Phlox drummondii Creme Brûlée, Zinnia Oklahoma White, Chocolate Lace Flower Dara

Best wishes for a beautiful and abundant summer flower garden!


June Curated Cutting Garden

Pickup 6/2 from 3-6 pm


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