Psalter Farm Flowers is an urban flower farm composed of eight different cutting gardens in our City Heights neighborhood of San Diego, California. Our intention is to provide local, responsibly-grown flowers to San Diego flower lovers and florists, all the while healing our blighted urban soil and bringing beauty to our inner-city neighborhood. We can’t wait to meet you and share with you our thoughtfully and creatively grown flowers and bouquets.

The mission of Psalter Farm Flowers is to grow the rare and ephemeral in the world of specialty cut-flowers: fragrant sweet peas, poppies, garden roses, dahlias and more, all in unique and coveted colors you can only find at a high-end florist. We harness no-till growing techniques that conserve water, feed our soil “food web,” and provide a hearty and varied habitat for birds and pollinators. Our gardens bring joy, color, and community to our neighborhood, and we cherish the relationships that have blossomed because of them.

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